How to license music for YouTube:
a comprehensive guide

With over 3.3 billion active users, YouTube has become one of the most famous and widely used social media platforms globally. However, do you know that about 1.3 billion people out of the total audience are related to YouTube music’s global audience?

The statistics might seem unreal, but these are fascinating enough to tempt any new individual to jump into the industry, wanting to generate heavy money and gain profit. If you also belong to the same group of people wanting to enter the industry but need to learn about the legalities, don’t worry because we have your back.

The situation requires one to obtain a music license for YouTube. But what is it? And how do you acquire it?

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So, without any further ado, let us dig into the content.

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What is music licensing?

The primary purpose of music licensing is to protect the rights and give credit to the person initially trying to create it.

Musicians and individuals craft any piece of creation; they can obtain the copyrights for their song. This is a functionality that ensures that the specific music is not used or exploited by anyone all across the world without seeking permission. If anyone still attempts to use it, they need to give credit to the original creator.

The same is why people from different niches, such as YouTube content creators or web series makers, need to purchase a license if they need to use that music specifically. Thus helping the actual creator receive a significant amount of money as their pay for creating a fantastic piece of art.

Types of YouTube licenses

There are multiple types of such licenses. Here are some common types of licenses you should consider to license music for Youtube:

Audio-only license

Have you ever walked into a store and heard a sweet melody or energetic music being played? Well, it is because of the audio-only license. This license type is commonly used in the commerce industry, retail spaces, and other publicly open environments.

Mechanical license

The mechanical license is typically used when a musician wants to create a cover of another musician’s works. The primary purpose is to sing the same song with a different voice or style.

Extended license

People who make multiple CDs of specific music and sell or distribute them to different places need to obtain an extended license.

Master license

This one helps to master the recording of any song without being targeted by legal compliances. It helps an individual obtain the content creator’s permission to record and distribute the music on different platforms.

However, unlike the extended license, these distributions are made from the original music, providing better sound quality to the listeners.

Synchronization license

This license type is meant to let an individual synchronize a song without any video. The same is why the publishers and songwriters usually use it.

It could also create visual media such as telefilms, shows, commercials, or video games.

Performance license

Anyone who wants to use a song with copyrights in a live performance, such as a cover, must sign the performance license. Each song needs to be licensed according to its genre and duration.


YouTube copyright policy and content ID

YouTube has a predetermined set of policies for which someone can only use videos they create. YouTube does not encourage the usage of stolen content and theft. If the algorithms discover any such action, they are sent with the copyright strike. If they continue to do that, YouTube automatically bans that account from creating further content. It includes multiple music tracks and music videos that obtain copyrights from the original creator.

If any content creator finds out that their content is getting used without their consent by another content creator, they can file a DMCA- Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Once the claim is sent, YouTube requires a few days to investigate if the claim is worthwhile or not. If it is found to be accurate, YouTube will not only remove the specific video but also warn the issuer not to do anything similar in the future through copyright strike,

If anything has happened to you and you have received the copyright notice, you must go to the YouTube policy to determine your mistake. There are exceptions of 3 strikes. Once the limit is crossed, YouTube will remove your account from scratch. Thus enabling you to create any further videos.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, YouTube provides seven days before deactivating your account. During such a period, you can claim a resolution for the strike.

Youtube content ID

YouTube content ID is a specific functionality for artists seeing complex copyright management. It stamps a copyrighted video with a unique ID that no one else has. When anyone seeks to exploit or use your creation, this unique ID will let YouTube know about it. As a result, that specific channel will get disabled automatically. However, copyright owners have three choices to go with.

  1. They can block the video from getting viewed any further.
  2. Advertise that video. Thus, getting it demonetized, the exploiter can not profit from it.
  3. Track the statistics of the video viewership.

Ways to license music for YouTube

Below are some ways you can adhere to license music for youtube:

Royalty-free music

Consider royalty-free music.

One of the best ways to avoid copyright issues and license music for YouTube is to consider royalty-free music. You can use many platforms, such as Mixeep.

Use music without a content ID

Instead of any track, consider music without content ID. The automated system helps algorithms find any such missing data. However, with content ID-cleared music, you might not encounter any such situation.

This helps YouTube creators reduce the risk of copyright strikes such as demonetization and account blockage. When you choose such tracks, you can be more confident that your videos will not get into description. Hence, git allows you to create and distribute content on other platforms without unnecessary hurdles.


Documenting the license

Maintain the details and record of all the required documentation. Create a folder on your compound or cloud platforms to store copies of all the agreements, licensing agreements, emails, and other communication related to the music tracks.

In addition, information such as the music title, artist name, and terms and conditions of using that platform. This will help you keep a systematic record and ensure transparency. As a result, you can be more focused on creative endeavors without worrying about potential issues.

Attribute the music correctly

A specific license licenses the music if you agree to give the attribution and credits to the artists. Hence, make sure to adhere to this compliance. Include detailed music information such as the track title, singer name, artist name, and li, and link to the original video in your YouTube subscription and meta title. Also, include the credits in your video at the start or the end.

This will not only help you fulfill the legal obligations but also let you support the new and relatively unrecognized talent. There might be specific attribution outlines depending on the nature of the music. Please read them carefully and implement them accordingly.

Take permissions

Collaborate with individual artists for mutual benefits. Begin with investigating and finding relatively new and unrecognized independent artists that match the genre you are looking for. Places like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and social media sites are excellent.

Message them and explain your concern. If they become ready to collaborate, you will not face copyright issues while using their tracks.

Write the copyright permission agreement

Once you have landed upon the owner of the music, it is time to write to them about the permissions. Usually, the artists have licensing contracts of their own. However, in some cases, you may need to write copyright permissions by yourself.

If you are someone who is not into the legal complexities, it is best to hire a lawyer. They will inform you about all the constraints and ensure you adhere to all the essential complexities.

Carefully look at and understand all the licensing terms.

Research well into the licensing terms associated with YouTube’s music policies. Read all the terms and conditions carefully related to the music library and artists. At the same time, gather information about the usage and restrictions that might cause difficulties for you. It includes the limitations on the track’s number of views, territories covered, and specific platforms where the track can be used.

Pay attention to those tracks that remain compatible with the genre you are jumping into and obtain flexibility.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, YouTube music is one of the significant aspects of YouTube that obtains millions and billions of users all across the globe. While some use it as entertainment, others consider it a source of revenue generation.

Nevertheless, jumping into the niche is not a piece of cake. Instead, some constraints are involved, among which copyright strikes remain pivotal. It is a policy that prevents the misuse of content and helps actual creators achieve credit through the licensing process.

The same is why we have assembled this How To License Music for YouTube: A Comprehensive Guide.. So, make sure to read the whole content from start to finish. Hopefully the information will be beneficial for you.

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